In the past we've used the standard PHRF time-on-time handicapping system to account for differences in boat designs.  This system accounts for differences in the performance of boat designs based on race results reported to US Sailing.  Things that are not taken into account by this system include the race readiness of the boat, the skill of the skipper and crew, and the boat's ability to perform under specific wind conditions on specific courses.   

We have modified the handicap system a bit to make things more competitive, even for those with limited racing experience.  Instead of going with just the standard PHRF based system, we are using the golf handicap system.  This system is utilizes the PHRF factors, but applies a correction  to adjust for performance relative to a club reference boat.  The correction will not completely eliminate the differences between boats, but it should make it possible for everyone to perform well if they have a good day and sail faster than they have in the past.  Race chair Ross will have more details on the scoring system at race time.

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